The elemental class in Deckstorm is a class of guardians represented by creatures of various body shapes and sizes composed of a material consistent with their element. The elemental class, at first glance, seems relatively subpar. The statistical distribution is defined by a low speed, above average hp, low defenses, and middling attackaand magic attack. What gives elementals a defined edge is their spells. Elemental spells are similar to many mage spells in that they focus on pure damage however, although elemental spells are by default weaker, they charge much faster and have a bonus on top of the default elemental strength bonus.This bonus means that, under optimal conditions such as elemental advantage, elementals are more powerful than mages however because optimal condition are not guaranteed, the choice between elemental and mage is left to how likely the player thinks they can use the elemental at their best or if they should pick the safer but slower option of the mages. An elemental focused deck would have to either be entirely one element or an attempted balance of all three. An elemental often relies simply on the user's ability to predict their opponent's next move as the strength of the class can be entirely nullified by a card of the same element, neutral, or worst of all, strong against the elemental.