Visit Deckstorm’s Shop to buy content Bundles, stock up on Gold, increase your wealth of Soulgems, or exchange Celestial Stones in the Bazaar for valuable Cards and Items.

Bundle Shop Edit

Players can spend real money to purchase specific packages of content, known as Bundles. Every Bundle will at least include some denomination of Soulgems. The variety of included content enables players to readily engage in several aspects of the game and more quickly improve their Cards. To keep up with the rise and fall in specific demands, the Bundle offering will switch out each week. Note, quantities of Bundle packs are limited, per player.

Soulgem Shop Edit

Various amounts of Soulgems can be purchased for real money. Prices are discounted for buying in bulk. The most popular is the 2,500 Bounty of Soulgems, useful for summoning Cards from Premium Packs. Soulgems can be earned by finishing Campaign and Special Campaign stages, completing Card Puzzles and fulfilling Research but the Soulgem Shop offers the most immediate way to get more.

Gold Shop Edit

Various amounts of Gold can be purchased for Soulgems. Prices are discounted for buying in bulk. The most popular is the 75,000 Stash of Gold, useful for training your Cards to max level. Gold can be earned by finishing Campaign, Special Campaign, and Arena stages, increased by achieving higher star rankings, but the Gold Shop offers the most immediate way to get more.

Bazaar Edit

The Bazaar is where you can trade in your hard earned Celestial Stones for valuable Cards and Items. In addition to using Starstones to summon Cards from Starstone Packs, they can be traded into the Bazaar for direct purchase of specific Cards, in limited quantities by week. Sunstones can be traded for exclusive Fuzion Cards and valuable Runes. The Bazaar exchanges your Darkstones for Essences, including exclusive Spell Level Up Essences. Moonstones can be traded for valuable Cards, exclusive to the Bazaar.

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