Deckstorm has a very unique style of turn order compared to any other ccg. Each player begins by drawing a hand of 5 cards that each have a speed value. Before you reveal your hand to your opponent, you can choose to return cards from your first hand back for another draw. After you have returned your selected returns and replaced them, each player reveals their hand. After the hand is revealed the total speed of your chosen monsters determines whether your side of the playing area begins with the pattern (A=ATTACK D=DEFENSE) ADA or DAD. Each player plays their cards starting from the leftmost zones, to the middle, and finally the rightmost side. The player whose hand had the higher total speed begins with their field in the ADA position and fheir opponent with the inverse pattern. Cards are placed by each player at the same time and hands are always visble, with the exception of the draw and replacement time. Attack simply means the placed card uses it's action before the card opposite of it.